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Dog Training outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.
The Pacific Northwest's Premier Concierge Service Dog Trainer

Our Team.

What is it that makes a great Oregon dog? Many would say that the dog should be well-behaved, friendly, obedient, playful, and relaxed. So how does that happen? By communicating with your dog on what you expect. And how do we do that? By training the owner.


I use methods taught to me, focused on the "Pack Leader" approach.  I am able to help you create a clear and loving relationship with your dog based on mutual respect. Just like with children or employees, dogs need to understand your expectations and you need to be able to communicate with them in a language that they understand.


Dogs are always eager to please but they are often misunderstood. I can help you connect with your Pacific Northwest dog through direct and clear instruction leading to a mutually beneficial, lifelong relationship.

Baylee Ellis

Owner ~ Service Dog Trainer

Iris "the Wookie"

Sidekick ~ Human Trainer ~ Service Dog

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